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Old Town Nice (1)

The beautiful colors
of Vieux Nice

Text and photos Jan Everink

Old Town Nice (In French: Nice Vieille Ville or Vieux Nice) is without doubt the most beautiful part of the French city of Nice.
The very narrow streets of Vieux Nice are full of beautiful colors; the bright yellow-brown of the houses harmonizes wonderful with the laundry hanging from the windows.
In de maze of narrow streets you can sometimes forget where exactly you are, but you'll never completely get lost. Just walk a little further and you recognize a nice orientation point: a beautiful church, a charming little square or an inviting terras of a little restaurant.
Some of the streets in Vieux Nice are very quiet, others have many little shops and restaurants and can be rather crowded. Because the lanes are so narrow you cannot help smelling what is cooked inside the houses and the restaurants.
There are also streets climbing towards the Castle Hill, the beautiful park just south of the Old Town.

Some streets climb
towards the Castle Hill
Every day, except on Monday, there is a colorful food and flower market at Cours Saleya, the famous promenade in de South-West part of Vieux Nice.
Food stalls are also at Place Pierre-Gautier, a square adjacent to Cours Saleya which is surrounded by cafes and impressive monumental old buildings.
Walking here you smell fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and all kinds of delicacies.
Amongst the many kinds of flowers are violets, roses and of course mimosa. The market attracts lots of people, tourists as wel as locals.
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